Couple necessary facts:

1.  I don’t expect anyone but me to read this.  Seriously.  I ain’t looking for no i-fame.  I’m hoping to chronicle my journey so I have something to look back at, to laugh at my own F* ups, and to hopefully be reminded how I fixed them.  For the next time I make the same mistake.

2.  I chose the pinecone picture for three crucial reasons:

A.  It looks earthy and natural which, therefore, is a perfect representation of my journey towards healthful eating.

B.  It was one of the first pictures offered and I just don’t really care to explore further.  Pinecone = healthful (see above).

C.  When I put my toddler to bed for nap today (after his deeeeelicious pasture, organic, massaged-cow milk that costs $29/gallon), we read Penguin & Pinecone.  So this picture makes me think of my kiddos, which makes me happy.

3.  It’s “Bachelorette” season (when isn’t it, really?) so I shall be using the word JOURNEY as often as possible.  It’s all a journey, people.  A journey towards health and happiness and journeyness.

Oh yeah, and I’m a suburban mom with an urban heart and a rural tolerance for noise.  I have two gorgeouses who are my everything, an unbelievably great partner in crime, a couple of furry monsters who leave their trail everywhere, and a penchant for all things chocolate.  Which makes this journey even harder.

Leave me a reply if you have any insights, tips, advice or have figured out a way to turn 78% dark chocolate into 100% Whole30.


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