My husband is awesome

I was thinking again today how hard this would be if my husband & I weren’t both on board.  Or more than that, if we were both committed to the food change but my husband didn’t have the time/energy/interest to help me figure this damn thing out. My SIL remarked today that she thought it was so great we were doing Whole 30 and I know part of her must want to give it a shot, since she was the first person I had ever met who had voluntarily dropped sugar for a period of time.  But then I imagined my not-so-helpful-brother (sorry, Jeff!) having to be sold the idea and – should he agree with the premise and get on board – having to be fed.  Like many men (?sorry to stereotype but that’s what it seems at least around here), he doesn’t cook and doesn’t wish to have any part in the thinking, planning or preparation.  It is up to my SIL to proffer something before him and he will either deign to ingest it or complain.  This challenge is HARD and requires WORK, and I know that I would not be succeeding/we would not be succeeding if it were left entirely to either of us to figure it all out.

We are headed to the beach next week for a family vacation and, as proof of the title, my husband took it upon himself to pick out recipes for the week’s dinners and even prepared a grocery list of what we need to buy, what we should bring, etc.  This is his strong suit and definitely my not-strong suit.  I might be better at figuring out which swimmie tops will be cute on the boys for a given day and pack accordingly, but planning out the meals and which kitchen mechanics we need to bring and making a list of ingredients….uuuggghhh.  That sounds horrible and would take me forever.  Now we will have a plan and if it is me that cooks, as I often do, no worries!  Happy to feed us.  It’s already been thought out and I can count on the fact that if the recipe calls for the food processor (as, let’s face it, they ALL DO) he’ll have already thought to pack it.

I’m optimistic that the vacation won’t be too hard (in Whole 30 terms) since we’re staying at a rental house (so it should have a full, working kitchen).  I think we can carry on pretty similarly to how we have been eating here.  Plus, with the meals being so filling, it might be a bit easier to go to the beach since we won’t be concerned with bringing snacks for ourselves.  And since our boys are still so young and go to bed still so early, we won’t feel like we’re “missing out” in terms of taking them out to dinner or anything.  They just want to play in the sand as much as humanely possible, so they won’t care in the least if they are eating at the house or complaining about what’s on the menu when we go out.

We shall see!  Oh and tomorrow should be interesting, too.  It’s my soon-to-be-other-SIL’s bridal shower which is going to be overflowing with cheese, bagels, quiche, desserts, champagne and all-things-delicious.  I don’t think I’m going to feel too tempted (although I do love myself some chocolate mousse), but the harder part might be fending off all the old-lady-relatives and family friends when they try to shove food at me.  I suspect I’ll be explaining no fewer than three dozens times what I am doing and why I’m turning down the wine-and-cheese part of the shower.  Here’s hoping I can score a colored wine glass and just fill it with water, no one being the wiser.  And if there are enough veggies & fruit to snack on, hopefully no one will notice that I’m avoiding everything else!

One final note, though, about tomorrow…..I KNOW I shouldn’t care (see “will the weight matter?”) but it does irk me a tiny bit that I’m not the glowy, lean version-of-self I thought I would be this far into the challenge.  I understood a few days in that it would take time, and I’m not asking for or expecting huge results.  But I did think that by now there would be SOME noticeable difference that I could flaunt in my own small way.  Nope.  I do feel overall pretty good and moderately better than a couple of weeks ago, but definitely NOT the fireworks I was expecting.  Oh well.


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