Too bad I love bacon so much…

Because otherwise, I might need to rethink this whole carnivore thing (at least for the purposes of this food challenge.)  Let me explain:  I feel a little ripped off by Whole30.  Today I read that vegetarians are allowed to eat greek yogurt during their Whole30s, with the reasoning being that it is so hard for them to get enough protein.  But wait?  <<I>> want greek yogurt!  In fact, I’m salivating a little thinking of its cool creaminess.  I think I’m even off of sugar enough to eat it with just some fruit, nuts and seeds – no honey.  Do you know how much better this would make my mornings, my days, my existence?!  Much.  Much, much, much.

The reason this all came about is because I’ve had another few days feeling lousy.  I really did not expect this far into the Whole30 challenge to be feeling anything other than energetically spectacular.  But there I am, feeling heavy and slow and bloated again, because I’m eating So.Much.Damn.Meat.  My body is not responding well to that – I guess I’m not a “real” cavewoman after all.  Today was the first day I successfully cut back on meat consumption, and I actually do feel a tiny bit better than I did yesterday.  I had some lox and sweet potato “chips” (thank you, microwave and parchment paper!) for breakfast, a handful of grapes with my sons during their snack, a salad with tuna for lunch, and then some cauliflower “fried rice” for dinner – with mostly just cauliflower, egg & snowpea and only a *little* chicken.  Better.  But I’m not positive I have enough “low meat” options available to me, plus I’m cooking for more than just myself.  And my husband is the complete opposite of me in his meatiness.  I suspect he could eat meat-with-a-side-of-meat most meals!

So today I was surfing around on my phone, looking for alternatives, and that’s when I discovered the “secret” of the greek yogurt.  Rip-off!  Now, I’m not willing to toss in the towel just yet and add the yogurt in when I’ve already come this far without it.  It’s already Day 18 (?) and I’m certain I can make it.  But I wonder if this continued yogurt-abstinence is worth it, given that the first thing I’m going to do after 30 days is reintroduce it.  I hope that my body is thankful for this temporary breakup, but I’m fearing that it’s the opposite.  I guess the next couple of days will tell — if I’m able to ease up enough on meat to feel better, I’ll proceed.  If not, maybe I will have to pretend that I’m a vegetarian.  At least before 9am.




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