Water Woman Weight

As I typed that I realized it sounded like I was calling myself Water Woman, a la Wonder Woman, and I decided I like it.  I will try to fill you in regularly with what <<dumdumdumDAHM>> Water Woman weighs.

Remember how I checked the scale the other day (hand slap from Whole30)?  Yeah, I forgot that I am a woman.  With wildly changing hormones on a minute-by-minute basis.  I forgot to account for the normal swings in weight, part of the reason that I almost never in real life step on a scale (though of course now I’m dying of curiosity.)  Anyway, point is that the 0.5lb gain was possibly false.  Since now two days later it’s 2.5lbs down.  Who knows what the real number is and I KNOW I’m not supposed to care.  But.  I’ll be peeking in on Water Woman anyway, because I’m curious to see what this process does to her.


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