Day 1

We’re doing it!  I’m so glad someone <<apparently smarter than I>> convinced my husband to read It Starts With Food and get on board with the food=health relationship. Because truly I couldn’t have (wouldn’t want to have?) done it on my own.  This is a two person job, learning and prepping and catching each other (I’m looking at you, sneaky carageenan, wiling your way into our almond milk.)  It’s more fun this way, more supportive, more exciting and I’m really hopeful that we will come out the other side feeling world’s better than we do now.  We’ve made some changes over the years and have tried to be better.  But this is a full-on, overhaul-everything-you-do-regarding-buying-consuming-enjoying food process that actually makes sense to me.  Not a diet, not a fad.  A “Do Better, You Deserve It” kind of journey.

So it’s Day 1 and, of course, I’ve already F*ed up!  Not with the food, thankfully, since it would be pathetic if one meal in I’d already have eaten something wrong.  But I didn’t plan the morning right and let stress and overtiredness get the better of me.  My son was up a lot last night which left me absolutely wiped, plus this was the first day of a new camp that required me to pack a bag with lunch, two waters, three snacks, two outfits, swim gear, emergency clothes, sunscreen, permission slips and the sink from my new Whole30-approved kitchen.  By the time we were on the third argument about why he doesn’t like the same-as-it-always-is-and-yet-somehow-the-tiniest-but-most-offensively-different oatmeal, I had only gotten some of the clothes, two of the snacks and one of the waters prepped.  Towel, goggles, swim shoes, another nut-free snack and 39 other things still needed to appear, the kids had to be dressed (thank goodness for the hubs) and I had to brush my teeth and grab a hat/bra/pants/decency.  Was I really going to be whipping up a healthy breakfast and finding time to eat that, too?  Unlikely.

Which is how I messed up.  I didn’t eat…which meant I had to come home after dropoff…which meant I missed my exercise window at the Y…which meant I didn’t eat until much later that I should have…which meant I couldn’t possibly stomach lunch at an appropriate time…which rendered pointless the chicken in the slow cooker that was prepped to be done at exactly 5pm (kid-life dinner time)…which meant reorganizing meals/schedule for the day.  So.

Tomorrow’s goal is just to eat breakfast on time.  That’s it.  I’m going to pre-cook some egg “muffins” tonight so that I have a grab-and-go option, I’m going to prep some of the camp snacks and clothes in advance, and I’m going to probably already be tired of sweet potatoes by the time the day rolls around.  We’ll see what I F* up tomorrow.


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